Safe Crossing started as a research project on pedestrian safety. After publishing the data, it was generally well received by the public. Surprisingly, the City of Luxembourg first ignored its existence, then denied the accuracy of ZUGs methods and finally called the data wrong and inaccurate. Unplanned, this project became a legal issue.

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12 July 2022

ZUG announces legal action and Crowdfunding

ZUG announces to challenge the refusal of VDL in court and initiates a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for legal defence and ZUG projects.

28 April 2022

Meeting between VDL and ZUG

VDL has been offering to meet with ZUG. ZUG conditionally accepted that invitation, with VDL never meeting the conditions. VDL unilaterally set a date fir a meeting on April 28. ZUG and VDL reiterated their point of views. No progress was made.

6 April 2022

VDL refuses issuance of documents

Despite the ruling of the CAD, the City of Luxembourg refuses and continues to refuse the publication of the demanded documents. Read their refusal here.

2 March 2022

CAD confirms ZUG has a right to document access

The document access commission (CAD) meets and concludes that ZUG has a right to the access of the documents. Read their ruling here. ZUG requests issuance of documents, once again.

8 Feb 2022

ZUG invokes “transparency ombudsman”

In order to fight the refusal by ZUG, the Commission d’Accès aux Documents, an official government ombudsman is invoked. You can read the filing here.

28 Jan 2021

VDL refuses publication of documents

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5 Jan 2022

VDL asks for extension of delay

Within their rights, VDL demands an extension to deliver the requested documents. For the full statement, see here.

6 Dec 2021

ZUG officially demands documents from VDL

ZUG uses the applicable Freedom of Information Law to demand insight into documents mentioned in the City Council Meeting.
Read the demand here

18 November 2021

ZUG conditionally accepts meeting with VDL

ZUG is pleased by the apparent openness of VDL to discuss the matter and accepts a meeting on the condition of making VDLs data available. Read our acceptance.

15 November 2021

ZUG study is on the agenda of the council meeting

Through a question by “déi gréng” and a motion by “Déi Lénk”, the ZUG study gets discussed. Patrick Goldschmidt rejects the findings based secret agreements with MMTP. He also says they checked all crossings, and only 32 (or 37) are not correctly built. Watch the stream.

8 November

First Major Press Mention reports on ZUG project

October 2021

ZUG releases Safe Crossing dataset

After creating and cleaning the dataset, ZUG makes data and process public.

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