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ZUG thanks everyone at the municipal council meeting for giving new energy to the subject
of pedestrian safety.

We take this opportunity to reiterate the primary goal of ZUG’s Safe Crossing project:
protecting pedestrians. Safety of the most vulnerable road users cannot be left to
interpretation and compromises.

The project’s data must be interpreted as a chance to fix the problem. As such, we do not
want unnecessary energy to be spent on defending the inadequate status quo. We urge
leaders to take a step back and see the bigger picture. The safety of people is at risk.

We want to make some specific remarks to Mr Goldschmidt’s statements and an appeal for full transparency:

1. The city claims that there exists some agreement or understanding between the City of Luxembourg and the MDDI (now MMTP), providing for what appears to be an exception to the rules of the Code de la Route. However, unless this document is made public, including how the provisions therein supersede the law, such an explanation cannot hold. The Code de la Route is the law, and articles 164(2.)(e) & 166(h) clearly state that no vehicles may be parked in a radius of 5m from either end of a pedestrian crossing.

2. The analysis made by the ZUG.lu collective is fully transparent and accessible to everyone at https://zug.lu/safe-crossing/more.html. Even if one were to accept the city’s interpretation of the applicability of the 5 metre rule, without publication of their analysis, it is impossible to verify its veracity. Therefore, in the name of transparency, we request that the city publishes its analysis about all pedestrian crossings.

3. Regarding Mr Goldschmidt’s invitation to meet: We are open to meet in a productive and constructive manner. However, we will only meet under fair conditions and without any unjustifiable asymmetry of information. This means that the city needs to publish publicly the agreement between itself and the MMTP as well as its analysis of the pedestrian crossings at least 1 full calendar week before the meeting date.

We demand that the City of Luxembourg and the MMTP match the level of transparency that we have provided ourselves. Our data is out, where is yours?

We are pleased that the topic of pedestrian safety is being discussed actively within the city’s
leadership. We applaud the city’s renewed commitment to pedestrian safety.

ZUG will get in touch with experts in the field and make efforts to acquire independent expert
opinions. As always, we will publish our findings.

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